This is information about a current research project from Cardiff University.

It’s centred upon talking to 16 to 18 year old pupils and school staff in Wales.

It wants to find out what participants think in regards to the following two questions:

(1) the influence of the secondary school context upon adolescent self-harm.

(2) what support is acceptable and feasible for schools, in regards to prevention intervention support for adolescent self-harm.

Please use the links at the TOP MENU BAR of this page to explore the project further. The sections of this blog are outlined below:

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Blog sections (please click on the page links below):

  • ABOUT This section has general details about the project’s focus groups in secondary schools in Wales, has a full information sheet about the project for all research participants.
  • WHAT IS TEEN SELF-HARM A brief overview of UK teen self-harm. It includes some of the current problems in the UK.
  • HEALTH RISKS & INTERVENTIONS Summarises the health risks from self-harm, and the current Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) research position in regards to UK interventions for teen self-harm.
  • UNDERSTANDING THE SCHOOL CONTEXT FOR SUPPORT Why the school setting is an important context for support and health interventions for teen self-harm.
  • BACKGROUND CONTEXT This page gives information about the researcher’s prior projects  (and research recommendations from these projects) that have influenced the development of her current research focus.
  • PROJECT METHODOLOGY Detail about the project’s methodological strategy and why it was chosen for the current project.
  • OUTCOMES & IMPACTS An outline of the knowledge that will be generated through this project, and how it will contribute to future intervention design research work for the teen self-harm population group in Wales.
  • PROJECT CONTEXT OVERVIEW  This is an article that summarises in full the context and detail of the current research project.
  • CONTACT DETAILS To contact the researcher for more details, or any questions about the project, please use the contact details form.

YOUR FEEDBACK: This project is interested in your feedback & comments about it. Once you have looked at the project, if you are interesting in providing comments please go to the CONTACT PAGE to leave your feedback. Your feedback is an important part of this project, which the researcher will read carefully, as it could help to develop the project further, through understanding your perspective and comments.

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SIGNPOSTING ADVICE FOR ADOLESCENT SELF-HARM: If you are distressed about adolescent self-harm, or require clinical/medical support for adolescent self-harm, please get help by using the NHS support services. SEE HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION:

NHS Information & Help Resources for Self-Harm. Available at:

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From YOUNG MINDS, the “NO HARM DONE TOOLKIT”, to help a young person who is self-harming. This is a series of helpful resources. See their website at:

SELF-HARM UK: Support resources for help and recovery. See their website at:

There is an APP called “CALM HARM” that the NHS are using, to help stop the urge to self-harm. For more information please see the NHS website:

Also you can get the app CALM HARM from here:

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